acacia fiber

Acacia fiber and turmeric with oats in a bowl.

Sunshine Turmeric Oats

Porridge is an old classic that’s always a winner in our book. It’s creamy, warming, and packed with fiber to kick-start your day. But sometimes it’s fun to give an old favorite a fresh new take—enter Sunshine Turmeric Oats. 
Turmeric gingerbread cookies on a platter.

Festive Vegan Gingerbread Biscuits

Nothing says holiday season like Christmas cookies, and gingerbread men are about as iconic as they come. Normally loaded with sugar and refined flour, our take on this classic is different. Our organic turmeric gives these gingerbread men a golden color, and our acacia loads them with dietary fiber!
Vitamin C Powder package with a cranberry apple smoothie in a glass.

Warming Cranberry, Apple & Vitamin C Winter Smoothie

There’s something about the combination of cranberries and cinnamon that just feels festive. That...
A woman holding a mug of pomegranate elderflower beet smoothie

Warming Pomegranate, Elderflower & Beet Winter Smoothie

Warming, delicate, and remarkably refreshing, the secret to this winter warmer is jasmine tea. Pa...
Woman holding a mug of oats chocolate smoothie

Warming Chocolate & Oaty Winter Smoothie

There’s nothing more delicious on a cold winter’s day than curling up with a warm chocolatey beve...
Vitamin C and wheatgrass packages with a woman holding green smoothie in a glass.

Warming Green Wheatgrass Winter Smoothie

As temperatures fall and the days grow shorter, it’s often challenging to maintain a healthy smoo...
Chia superfood pudding with acacia fiber in glasses.

Creamy Chia Superfood Pudding with Acacia Fiber

These delicious layered chia pudding pies are chock full of wholesome goodness and sweet, fruity flavor. And since you can prepare this recipe a day ahead, you’ll wake to a no fuss!
Acacia fiber powder with nuts and a banana.

Superfood Spotlight: Acacia Fiber Powder

Acacia fiber powder is not what immediately springs to mind when someone says “superfood.” But, there’s more to the humble acacia tree than meets the eye. We’ve put acacia fiber under the spotlight to give you the lowdown on its powerful properties.
A hand holding a shot of acacia fiber outside.

Simple Acacia Morning Fiber Shot

Take a break from your usual morning hit of caffeine and try a refreshing natural alternative with these acacia fiber shots—the simplest way to enjoy our Sari Foods Organic Acacia Fiber Powder. 
Sherbet with acacia fiber in a bowl.

Sherbert Lemon & Coconut Ice with Acacia Fiber

Rich coconut milk and natural maple syrup give this frosty dessert its delectable sweet creaminess, which is then perfectly balanced by a citrusy burst of fresh lemon juice. Perfect for lazy summer afternoons—or to cool the palette after a hot and spicy meal—this lemony sherbet and coconut ice superfood treat is sure to be a hit with everyone in your family.