Superfoods 101

Camu Camu powder and citrus fruits.

Camu Camu: The Tart Berry You’ll Love

There’s an exciting new superfood in town that is so good, its name repeats for emphasis! Camu ca...
Superfood bowl with Vitamin C package

The Best Superfood Powders for Beginners

Have you heard the buzz about superfoods and want to know what all the excitement is about? Do you strive to add vibrant, nutritious foods to your daily routine? If your answers are a resounding yes, then take heart because we’ve got you covered! 
Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Unlock Your Inner Vibrancy With Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Treat yourself to a tasty and nutritious superfood-enriched sip (or bite!) with brilliant matcha powder, made from premium, responsibly-sourced green tea leaves. This delightful wonder food is an excellent source of vitamin A and supplies potent antioxidants and amino acids to help you conquer your day.
Packages of superfoods and fruit with green juice.

Superfoods: Frequently Asked Questions

With spring well underway and the season of the 'beach body' fast approaching, there seems to be a renewed interest in healthy living, evidenced by the fact that we've received a whole host of Sari Foods superfoods questions over the past few weeks. We absolutely love all this customer engagement, and we’re thrilled to be able to share our passion for superfood nutrition.


Woman holding a package of beet powder in grass.

How to Use Beet Powder for Vibrant Health

Eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to get the nutrition that your bod...
Acacia fiber powder with nuts and a banana.

Superfood Spotlight: Acacia Fiber Powder

Acacia fiber powder is not what immediately springs to mind when someone says “superfood.” But, there’s more to the humble acacia tree than meets the eye. We’ve put acacia fiber under the spotlight to give you the lowdown on its powerful properties.
Wheatgrass guacamole and chips

5 Ways With Wheatgrass (That Aren’t a Wheatgrass Shot)

Sometimes a wheatgrass shot can be hard to… well… swallow. While the bright, grassy flavor of wheatgrass might not for everyone, the well-known benefits of this unassuming leaf certainly are. we’ve compiled a list of how we love to incorporate wheatgrass into our diets—there’s something for even the fussiest eaters!
Turmeric Powder

5 Ways With Turmeric: The Golden Antioxidant Spice

Long revered for its antioxidant goodness and versatility in the kitchen, turmeric is one of this year’s biggest food trends. Inspired by its gorgeous golden color and our fondness for this healthy, delicious ingredient, we’d like to introduce this lovely exotic superfood spice—and share five of our favorite ways to bring turmeric to your table.


Image of tree against a blue sky with text: your flying health and wellness cheat sheet

Your Flying Health & Wellness Cheat Sheet

Flying home for Christmas or ringing in the New Year with family and friends? The holidays bring ...
Spirulina package with water bottle and notebooks.

5 Ways To Introduce Spirulina To Your Taste Buds

Everyone knows that spirulina is super good for you. This colorful, healthy superfood algae has inspired a whole host of blue-green whimsical treats that delight food fans everywhere.
Hand holding a Sari Foods Wheatgrass shot with lemon.

How to Make A Wheatgrass Shot

Why pay top dollar for wheatgrass shots at a juice bar when you can make your own with our Sari Foods Organic Wheatgrass? 
Nut yeast flakes in a bowl

The Truth About Nutritional Yeast

One of our most popular products actually earns its accolades for what it doesn’t contain, and th...
Spirulina powder on a white background

Why It's Important to Know the Source of Your Spirulina

The experts agree: spirulina is a wise, healthy, and nutritious food choice. NASA included this s...
Vitamin C and citrus sliced

The Benefits of Natural Vitamin C

There are all kinds of trendy supplements on the market, but sometimes the most basic nutrients—l...
Smoothie ingredients on a table: banana, Spirulina powder, kiwis, and avocado

Spirulina for Beginners: Staple Green Smoothie

Looking for a way to add more green goodness to your meals?  Sari Foods Organic Spirulina is a great place to start. With a plethora of vitamins and minerals, plus seven grams of protein in every heaping tablespoon, superfood spirulina delivers a unique and powerful nutritional punch.  
Image of ruins on a mountainside with text: used for thousand of years

What Is a Superfood?

Superfoods have inspired a great deal of excitement in recent years, but these natural foods have...