Golden Butter

Golden butter in a jar.

This four-ingredient turmeric butter recipe is so quick, easy, and delicious that you’ll wonder what you ever saw in dairy butter!

Cold-pressed coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil combine to give this bright golden spread the same rich, creamy texture as butter—with no milk products at all. Sea salt and turmeric add the finishing touch, offering a savory, salty taste experience that will have you coming back for more on a regular basis. 

Try this yummy vegan butter drizzled on baked sweet potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, or roasted cauliflower. Or to bring some sunny gold to a cold gray morning, stir a spoonful into your oatmeal or amaranth porridge. Feel free to get creative–the possibilities are endless!



Whisk all ingredients together vigorously to combine, pour into a jar, and store in the fridge to set before serving. 

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