Proof That Exercise Changes Everything

Woman doing yoga on the beach.

Almost everyone seems to know that regular exercise is healthy but, unfortunately, knowledge doesn’t always translate into action. The World Health Organization views physical inactivity as a global health problem, and they’re not the only ones. In their startling Healthy People 2020 Objectives report, the U.S. Department of Health revealed  that over 80% of adults don’t meet their recommendations for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise, which includes at least either 75 minutes of high intensity aerobics or two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity weekly—along with some strength training activity at least twice a week. And that’s a minimum recommendation, with five hours or more of aerobic exercise offering significant additional benefits.

These recommendations may not seem like much to committed fitness enthusiasts, but for most of us, the idea of fitting this much physical activity into an already busy week may seem daunting, if not impossible. If these recommendations leave you frustrated, hang in there—exercise doesn’t have to be an all or nothing prospect, and it’s perfectly fine to ramp up your fitness routine gradually! Any movement is better than none at all, and even 10 minutes of exercise once or twice a week will bring some benefits. 

So be gentle with yourself and listen to your body. If going for a run isn't your thing, don't do it—find something that’s fun for you, like pilates, hiking, dancing, or martial arts!  Establishing goals can help you stay on track, but remember to keep them small and manageable enough to feel successful. Perhaps all you can handle right now is a walk around the block a few times a week or a few minutes of bedtime yoga. That’s okay. The only place you can start is right where you are. As your fitness level improves over time, you can adjust your goals accordingly.

Exercise is a powerful path to fitness, but it’s only one component of a healthy life. You’ll reap the most benefit from physical activity when it’s paired with a healthy diet. Here at Sari Foods we’re passionate about bringing you some of the best whole superfoods that nature has to offer—convenient powders or flakes that can help you keep living your healthiest life without cramping your style.

So start small and watch your fitness bloom! Today’s 10-minute walk and quick spirulina green smoothie may grow into next year’s marathon run and an all organic diet. There’s no limit to where each small step may lead. For now, just know you’re an amazing one-of-a-kind human being on your own unique fitness journey, and in time the results of your efforts will speak for themselves. 

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Peace and so much love!


1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2019, February 1). Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Retrieved from

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