Creamy Coconut & Berry Parfait Smoothie

Vitamin C chia pudding

Our smooth, rich parfait smoothie does double duty as a heavenly breakfast or dessert. A healthy alternative to traditional parfaits, this nutritious creamy delight is gluten-free, vegan, and has no refined sugars.

Ideally, you'd sit and enjoy a parfait smoothie at home where you can savor every bite, but this luscious treat works equally well as a ready-made breakfast or snack. Simply fill a jar or container with the parfait and pop it into your bag to be enjoyed during your busy commute or from the comfort of your desk. 

This recipe includes our vitamin C powder for an extra burst of nutritional goodness. Sari Foods Vitamin C Powder is 100% food based with no synthetic additives, which means you can enjoy whole food nutrition the way nature intended.  And rest assured, our vitamin C powder is also organic! This easy recipe makes two servings so you can share the yum with a friend or save some for later.



Process all ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. Pour into a glass or jar and top with your favorite granola, nuts, or seeds for that essential crunch. 


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