Superfood bowl with Vitamin C package

The Best Superfood Powders for Beginners

Have you heard the buzz about superfoods and want to know what all the excitement is about? Do you strive to add vibrant, nutritious foods to your daily routine? If your answers are a resounding yes, then take heart because we’ve got you covered! 
Child smiling and sitting in kitchen.

Nourishing Recipes Your Kids Will Love

What’s better than filling your little one’s plate with fresh, nourishing food? Making sure the nutritious fare is as tasty as it is good for them, of course! 


Black Forest Nice Cream With Acai Cherry Compote

Black Forest Nice Cream With Acai Cherry Compote

Treat yourself to a scrumptious bowl of cherry chocolate goodness made with maca and acai—this sweet treat is actually good for you!
Superfood Maca Powder energy bliss balls on a platter

Maca Nut Butter Energy Balls

Chock full of superfood goodness and other yummy ingredients, these delicious maca energy balls are a great way to snack between meals, or indulge in a little sweet treat when the after dinner cravings hit. With a sweet-n-salty flavor, these bliss balls deliver snacking satisfaction and superfood goodness with every single bite. 


Maca breakfast bowl with spoon.

Creamy Magic Maca Breakfast Bowl

Jumpstart your day with this outrageously creamy superfood breakfast bowl, which includes the goodness of maca and a serving of cauliflower. Our smoothie delicious recipe serves two, and combines cauliflower, maca, and spirulina for a magical breakfast bowl that delivers on flavor and nutrition!
Vegan sandwich on cutting board

Sweet & Spicy Double Stacked Vegan Sandwich

Our warm, flavorful recipe pairs turmeric with sweet potato, to create a mouthwatering sweet and spicy combo that will make your tastebuds sing. Whether you're vegan or not we think you’ll love this unique sandwich creation.


Hands holding a bagel sandwich.

Almond Butter and Acai Jelly Bagel

We’ve decided to share our take on this old school classic—and sprinkle in a touch of superfood love!
Maca hummus dip and pita chips in bowl.

Creamy Maca Hummus Dip

Did you know that our gelatinized maca is a great addition to homemade hummus? Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the way maca’s subtly sweet, nutty flavor enhances traditional hummus recipes. Creamy superfood hummus dip, the perfect snack!
Superfood chocolates

Homemade Vegan Chocolates

Not only do these little treats look store-bought, but they also contain all the nutritional superfood goodness of gelatinized maca! Made with natural raw cacao and a touch of Himalayan salt, these scrumptious maca chocolates are absolutely irresistible. We dare you to try these bite size, dairy-free treats and not love all their creamy, velvety deliciousness! 
Superfood vegan bark

Cranberry & Pistachio Vegan Bark

This year, we decided to melt down all our leftover chocolate and create this super tasty (and addictive) vegan cranberry and pistachio bark. We think our gelatinized maca pairs particularly well with chocolate, and our acai adds a beautifully rich cocoa-berry flavor—but any of our Sari Foods organic powders will contribute a delicious burst of pure, whole food goodness to this decadent chocolate treat. 
Vegg-Nog in a mug with Christmas branches

Vegg-nog with Organic Maca Coconut Cream

Are you ready for some creamy comfort and joy this holiday season? We’re celebrating the winter h...
Sari Foods pumpkin superfood muffins

Maca & Pumpkin Spice Muffins

While you’ve been combing your local pumpkin patch to find the perfect specimens for jack-o'-lanterns and baking, we've been busy, too—preparing these awesome, delicious maca and pumpkin spice muffins.


Pumpkin puree with Maca in jar.

Easy Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin puree adds a colorful burst of taste and nutrition to all kinds of smoothies, baked goods, and warming soups. It’s easy to find canned pumpkin puree at almost any supermarket, but it really doesn’t compare to the homemade variety!

Superfood hot chocolate in a glass.

Simple Superfood Hot Chocolate

This yummy recipe adds a healthy twist to classic hot chocolate by including a few superfood ingredients (the kind you probably already have at home)—nutritious and comforting, made with non-dairy chocolate!
Maca drink in glass with straw.

Warming Maca Latte

If there's one food trend we totally embrace, it’s superfood lattes. Just like smoothies, you can...
Maca Powder with two salted Carmel smoothies in jars with spoons.

Salted Caramel Smoothie

We love this sweet-n-salty caramel superfood smoothie made with our organic gelatinized maca!