Organic Turmeric Powder

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Perfect for savory soups, warm dishes, and baked goods, turmeric adds
a healthy — and spicy — kick to any meal.

What is Turmeric Powder?

Our Organic Turmeric Powder (30oz) is an excellent source of the minerals iron and manganese, and it’s most studied compound, a bright yellow-orange polyphenol called curcumin, has powerful antioxidant properties. Used in India for thousands of years as a culinary spice and a medicinal herb, turmeric is a member of the ginger family and is widely recognized for its outstanding nutritional profile.

Grown under strict USDA regulations and made from high-quality hand selected turmeric rhizomes, our turmeric is farmed in India and grown organically outdoors in bright sunshine. It is then hand-picked, sun-dried, and gently ground in its entirety to preserve all of the precious nutrients. Turmeric contains compounds (such as curcumin and ar-turmerone) that never occur as an isolate in nature. Taking isolated single nutrients, as you might find in a curcumin capsule, is not a normal way to eat—the vital elements that make these compounds so beneficial are missing. Sari Food’s Organic Turmeric Powder includes the entire root with its complete and complex nutritional makeup that your body can both recognize and utilize.

How to take it? 1 heaping tablespoon mixed into warm water, milk, a smoothie, or savory dishes. It's easy to use turmeric in food due to its unique flavor.

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Is your turmeric raw and whole food based?

Sari Foods Organic turmeric is raw and whole food-based.

Why choose whole food-based and naturally occurring organic turmeric?

Whole foods have a complex nutritional makeup rich in beneficial micro and macronutrients that our bodies can more readily recognize and extract.

Is your turmeric organic certified?

Sari Foods Organic Turmeric is USDA organic certified. The best way to ensure you are obtaining only the purest turmeric powder is to always make sure you purchase certified organic. This means it has been grown to strict standards and has been cultivated without the use of controversial fertilizers. Also, make sure your turmeric comes from a pure source and that it undergoes a proper drying process. Avoid turmeric from outside of its native India that is grown using poor quality or un-tested soil, which could expose you to toxins. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and anything added to the end product should also be avoided. At Sari Foods we adhere to these principles ourselves and are committed to delivering pure superfoods, ethically grown and free from man-made synthetics, toxins, or contaminants.

Do you test your turmeric for toxic metals and other contaminants?

We regularly test all of our products to ensure only the highest of standards. Should you wish to view our test certificates, we'd be more than happy to share this information as part of our transparent customer service policy.

Is your turmeric Non-GMO?

Our turmeric is Non-GMO following EEC regulations. It also contains no GMO enzymes and has not been solvent-extracted, synthetically preserved, or irradiated.

Is your turmeric manufactured with any potential allergens?

All our products, including our organic turmeric, are handled in a GMP facility. Our products are not manufactured with gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, milk, nuts, eggs, or shellfish. They are packaged in a facility that may handle these ingredients.

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