Your Flying Health & Wellness Cheat Sheet

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Flying home for Christmas or ringing in the New Year with family and friends? The holidays bring so much joy—meals with loved ones, pumpkin pie, carolers, tree decorating, and snuggling up for family movie time. 

One joyless part of the holidays for many, though, is traveling. Airport regulations can be so stressful, and the flights themselves, especially long-haul ones, can be tough on your body. Sitting for hours in the same position may leave you feeling groggy, with tight, sore muscles. And then there's the limited, overpriced, unhealthy food and beverage options to contend with. 

Here's the good news though; with some preparation you can avoid some of these traveling woes. These simple wellness tips for before and during your flight should help to keep you feeling great so you can make the most of your holiday family time. 

Before Leaving Home

  1. Layer comfortable clothing: To stay comfy through the varying temperatures of the airport, plane, and arrival destination, dress in soft, breathable layers you can put on or remove as necessary.. 
  2. Hydrate your skin: Sitting in an enclosed, crowded plane with dry cabin air can take its toll on your skin, leaving it tight, flaky, and not very huggable. So be sure to nourish your skin with a good moisturizing oil like Valentia Jojoba Oil or Argan Oil. Valentia’s entire product line is made from only 100% natural and organic ingredients, with no scary synthetics.
  3. Prepare wholesome snacks: Instead of paying for overpriced healthy foods, or giving in to the variety of airport convenience foods, consider preparing some of these delicious, simple snacks to take along:
Kale Chips: Super easy to make and transport, kale chips provide a daily dose of  veggies along with a delicious taste and crunch.
Nutritional yeast kale chips

Spirulina Chocolate Superfood Bites: Enjoy bite-sized snacking at its finest with these vegan, dairy and gluten-free treats.

Sari Foods energy balls

Turmeric Roasted Chickpeas: You’ll love the way this wholesome snack brings a touch of sunshine to your day.

Sari Foods roasted chickpeas

With your healthy snacks carefully packed with all your other travel essentials, you're ready to embrace the next stage of your adventure...

At the Airport

  1. Stay active: Stroll around the terminal and browse the shops. You won’t be able to be very active in the air, so stretch those legs while you can.
  2. Avoid heavy metals: Foods containing heavy metals can be difficult to digest, especially in the sky, and they can make falling asleep challenging. That’s why it's best to avoid them—especially if you plan to catch some z's in the air. 
  3. Moderate caffeine intake: Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine can aggravate dehydration. Instead of all those caffeinated beverages, try some Sari Foods Organic Vitamin C Powder in cool water for refreshing, natural hydration.

If you prefer to enjoy a warming drink when traveling, prepare a batch of our Golden Turmeric Tea at home and bring it in your favorite insulated travel mug. This recipe comes from our very own Customer Service Guru, Johnny, and you won't be disappointed with his caffeine free, subtly spiced alternative.

During your Flight

When you’re confined to an airplane for long periods of time it’s vital to keep your blood flowing. Avoid sore muscles, release tension, and support blood flow with these simple in-flight exercises and stretches. Fear not, these simple exercises are all seated movements—there’s no need for mid-air lunges or press-ups!

  • Knee lifts: Lift one knee towards your chest, bending forward slightly, using your hands on your knee to support. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.
  • Gentle neck twists: Start facing forward and slowly turn your head to the left, hold for a few seconds, and then turn to the right. Repeat movement 10 times.
  • Foot circles: Lift both feet off the floor, rotate feet in circles clockwise 5 times, lower legs to rest for a few seconds, and then repeat the movement counter-clockwise.
  • Shoulder roll: Raise shoulders and rotate in a circular motion, 5 times clockwise and then repeat counter-clockwise.
  • The stroll: When you are able, take a stroll up and down the aisle.  

And've survived the most joyless part of the holiday. Hooray!

We hope you find our tips useful—let us know how they worked for you in the comments below!

Peace, love, and happy flying from the Sari Foods family.

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