Warming Cranberry, Apple & Vitamin C Winter Smoothie

Vitamin C Powder package with a cranberry apple smoothie in a glass.

There’s something about the combination of cranberries and cinnamon that just feels festive. That’s why this warming smoothie is so perfect for the holiday season—but we think you’ll like it so much you’ll want to enjoy it all year long!

Our warm cranberry-apple smoothie’s sweet-tart flavor and fragrant spices seem to magically transform chilly mornings (or evenings!) into comforting spaces of celebration. We’ve also added a generous teaspoon of Sari Foods Organic Acacia Fiber Powder, which creates a luscious thickness and satisfying creamy texture. If you happen to prefer a less creamy smoothie though, simply swap the warm plant milk for water and leave out the acacia fiber powder. 



  1. Place dried cranberries and cinnamon into a cup and add ⅓ cup warmed milk. Stir and leave to steep for seven to eight minutes.
  2. Process cranberry mix, chopped apple, vitamin C powder, turmeric, acacia fiber powder, and a splash of cold water at high speed in a blender or smoothie maker for one to two minutes, until the cranberries and ginger are incorporated.
  3. Pour smoothie into a cup and mix in the remaining plant milk.

*Vitamin C starts to degrade over time when exposed to heat. By incorporating hot liquids last (right before serving), you significantly reduce the degradation of the vitamin C. In order to maintain the full integrity of our vitamin C Powder, we recommend using water (or milk) that is only heated to 118ºF, which creates a warm, but not hot smoothie.

**Many blenders or mixers aren’t designed to take hot liquids, so we absolutely recommend blending the ingredients cold and adding warm water afterward. Hot liquid may shatter your jug (if it’s glass), or if not, pressure builds up inside the container and the liquid can explode out when you open the lid!

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