Warming Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric Winter Smoothie

Warming smoothie in a bowl with gingerbread men cookies

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly—there are just some things in life that are meant to be together! Winter and vitamin C absolutely belong in this category. This warming winter smoothie is loaded with vitamin C along with flavorful ginger and turmeric for the ultimate cup of cold-weather comfort.

This smoothie is a perfect quick and cozy breakfast on cold mornings—but works equally well on a chilly evening when you’re curled up with a steamy novel. Either way, the fragrant sweet-n-spicy zing will have you turning to this recipe anytime you need to warm your bones from the inside out. 



  1. Process orange juice, ginger, chopped carrot, Sari Foods Natural Vitamin C Powder, Sari Foods Organic Turmeric Powder, lemon juice, honey, ¼ cup cold water, and a splash of the hot water in a smoothie maker or blender until well combined.**
  2. Pour into a cup, stir in the rest of the hot water, and enjoy immediately. 

*Vitamin C starts to degrade over time when exposed to heat. By adding the boiling water last, right before you drink it, you significantly reduce the degradation of the vitamin C. If you want to maintain the full integrity of the vitamin C, we recommend only using water that is heated to 118ºF, which will create a smoothie that’s warm, but not hot.

**Many blenders or mixers aren’t designed to take hot liquids, so we absolutely recommend blending the ingredients cold and adding any warm water afterward. Hot liquid may shatter your jug (if it’s glass), or if not, pressure can build up inside the container and all your liquid can explode out when you open the lid! This is not only very messy—it’s really dangerous!

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