Superfood bowl with Vitamin C package

The Best Superfood Powders for Beginners

Have you heard the buzz about superfoods and want to know what all the excitement is about? Do you strive to add vibrant, nutritious foods to your daily routine? If your answers are a resounding yes, then take heart because we’ve got you covered! 
Muffins on a counter

Back-to-School Superfood Banana Muffins

These scrumptious superfood banana muffins are the perfect solution—quick and easy to make, super kid-friendly, and surprisingly very healthy. 
Vitamin C powder and wheatgrass powder smoothie in cups.

Five Warming Smoothies for Cooler Weather

We’ve put together a list of our five favorite warming smoothies so you can wrap your fingers around a warm mug of yum that keeps you feeling cozy through the coldest of seasons.
Wheatgrass face mask mix with lemon and cucumber

Organic Wheatgrass and Honey Face Mask

You don't always have to eat it to reap the benefits of organic wheatgrass powder.

We absorb a massive amount of nutrients (and nasties) through our skin, but we can use this absorption process to our benefit, feeding our skin with nourishing goodness to support health from the outside-in. Our wheatgrass and honey facemask is the perfect way to pamper yourself to leave your skin feeling fresh, clear, and bright.

Vitamin C and wheatgrass packages with a woman holding green smoothie in a glass.

Warming Green Wheatgrass Winter Smoothie

As temperatures fall and the days grow shorter, it’s often challenging to maintain a healthy smoo...
Mini cheesecakes on plate.

Bite-Sized Creamy Vegan Wheatgrass Cheesecakes

Loaded with not one, but two powerful superfoods, these bite-sized beauties are so wholesome you could eat them for breakfast. Wheatgrass naturally provides a burst of green goodness along with fiber, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, antioxidants, calcium, selenium, iron, and vitamins A, E, and B12.


Wheatgrass guacamole and chips

5 Ways With Wheatgrass (That Aren’t a Wheatgrass Shot)

Sometimes a wheatgrass shot can be hard to… well… swallow. While the bright, grassy flavor of wheatgrass might not for everyone, the well-known benefits of this unassuming leaf certainly are. we’ve compiled a list of how we love to incorporate wheatgrass into our diets—there’s something for even the fussiest eaters!
Green superfood smoothie bowls with spoons.

Supergreens Wheatgrass Smoothie Bowls

Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and good fats, our favorite wheatgrass smoothie recipe serves up a whole lot of nutrition alongside the alkalizing, detoxifying and energizing benefits of organic wheatgrass powder. 

Glass of fruit water stuffed with kiwis and grapes.

Refreshing Fruit-Infused Water

Staying hydrated just got a whole lot more nutritious with our refreshing fruit-infused water! Adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water not only makes it more fun to drink—it also delivers essential electrolytes and nutrients. The flavors of kiwi, cucumber, and grape!


Wheatgrass hummus

Creamy Avocado & Wheatgrass Hummus

If you like hummus and guacamole then you are going to love this creamy avocado wheatgrass hummus. It really is the best of both worlds! 
Sari Foods Salsa

Fresh Mango Salsa & Cilantro Turmeric Dressing

With its sweet-n-spicy flavors and the vibrant colors of the fresh ingredients, this yummy salsa is sure to jazz up any meal or snack. For an extra spicy kick of flavor, we’ve paired our salsa with a healthy, homemade dressing. Refreshing cilantro and earthy turmeric create a perfect balance of lightness and full-bodied flavor. 
Wheatgrass chia pudding in a jar with spoon.

Easy Wheatgrass Chia Pudding

Unleash your inner warrior with a mighty wheatgrass and chia breakfast pairing! With oodles of fiber and healthy fats, this savory-sweet wheatgrass chia pudding is easy to make and will keep you satiated until your next meal.
Wheatgrass bites

Cashew Lime Wheatgrass Bites

These delicious cashew lime wheatgrass bites are for those who love to savor the goodness of their wheatgrass, rather than knocking back a shot. They are also refined sugar, gluten and dairy free! The fresh, earthy taste of wheatgrass pairs beautifully with cashews, while coconut and lime provide a tart sweetness.
Kiwi smoothie bowls in coconut shells

Tropical Kiwi Smoothie Bowl

This tropical kiwi superfood bowl has a distinctive island flavor and vibrant green color from our organic wheatgrass powder that’s sure to brighten any morning!

Fruit salad smoothie bowl with fresh fruit

Fruit Salad Smoothie Bowl

Whoever said smoothie bowls are just for breakfast? Our creamy green fruit salad smoothie bowl works equally well as a satisfying lunch treat that will keep you going strong until dinner. Frozen bananas give this bowl its smooth, ice cream-like texture—while spinach, wheatgrass powder, and spirulina provide a refreshing burst of lasting nutrition and lovely green goodness. 
Three color smoothie in a jar with strawberry.

Rainbow Superfood Smoothie

What healthier (and more delicious!) way could there be to celebrate Pride Month than this joyful, superfood smoothie? 
Salad in a bowl with greens.

Savory Wheatgrass Dressing

Our refreshing, citrusy dressing recipe takes the fresh, green taste of Sari Foods Organic Wheatgrass to a whole new level. Perfect drizzled over salads, veggie burgers, or roasted veggies, it’s an excellent way to add extra green goodness to all your favorite healthy meals. 

Wheatgrass powder smoothie in glasses with straws.

Melon, Wheatgrass & Chia Seed Smoothie

If you’re craving a light, refreshing smoothie, we’ve got a treat for you! Reminiscent of Chia Fresca, this deep green smoothie packs the same hydrating boost.
Hand holding a Sari Foods Wheatgrass shot with lemon.

How to Make A Wheatgrass Shot

Why pay top dollar for wheatgrass shots at a juice bar when you can make your own with our Sari Foods Organic Wheatgrass?