Superfood bowl with Vitamin C package

The Best Superfood Powders for Beginners

Have you heard the buzz about superfoods and want to know what all the excitement is about? Do you strive to add vibrant, nutritious foods to your daily routine? If your answers are a resounding yes, then take heart because we’ve got you covered! 
Baked Summer Berry Crisp with Acai

Baked Summer Berry Crisp with Acai

This delicious baked berry crisp is made from only healthy, natural ingredients and has no refined sugar. The yummy whole berries and acai superfood powder are loaded with powerful antioxidants and prebiotic-rich berries also provide important nutrients like folate, vitamin K, manganese, copper, and vitamin C.
Superfood salad with Acai vinegrette on a plate.

Superfood Summer Salad with Acai Berry Vinaigrette

This refreshing superfood summer salad & acai berry vinaigrette recipe with a choice of tender, gut-healthy greens and sweet, juicy berries rich with vitamins and anthocyanins. Our organic acai powder is a genuine, low-glycemic superfood and apple cider vinegar is great for virtually every system in your body. 
Child smiling and sitting in kitchen.

Nourishing Recipes Your Kids Will Love

What’s better than filling your little one’s plate with fresh, nourishing food? Making sure the nutritious fare is as tasty as it is good for them, of course! 


Black Forest Nice Cream With Acai Cherry Compote

Black Forest Nice Cream With Acai Cherry Compote

Treat yourself to a scrumptious bowl of cherry chocolate goodness made with maca and acai—this sweet treat is actually good for you!
Superfood popsicles on a plate.

Red, White and Blueberry Popsicles!

Craving something cool and sweet? Delight family and friends with these red, white, and blueberry popsicles. They're a delicious iced superfood treat that’s perfect for 4th of July celebrations, or anytime you fancy a cold treat on a sizzling summer day!
Woman pouring Acai into latte cup.

Acai Iced Latte With Creamy Coconut Milk

If you enjoy iced lattes, then you'll love this fruity version with acai and creamy coconut milk. Our acai iced latte is full of superfood goodness, tastes amazing, and is a great substitute for shop-bought, sugary iced lattes and frappes!
Hands holding a bagel sandwich.

Almond Butter and Acai Jelly Bagel

We’ve decided to share our take on this old school classic—and sprinkle in a touch of superfood love!
Superfood vegan bark

Cranberry & Pistachio Vegan Bark

This year, we decided to melt down all our leftover chocolate and create this super tasty (and addictive) vegan cranberry and pistachio bark. We think our gelatinized maca pairs particularly well with chocolate, and our acai adds a beautifully rich cocoa-berry flavor—but any of our Sari Foods organic powders will contribute a delicious burst of pure, whole food goodness to this decadent chocolate treat. 
Two superfood berry cocktails in glasses.

Super-Berry Cocktail

This fruity concoction has an intoxicating, sophisticated flavor that’s just perfect for all of life’s most joyous celebrations. Berries, pomegranate, and superfood acai berries combine with full bodied rum—creating a warm, tropical cocktail vibe!
Two berry smoothies with Spirulina cream in mason jars.

Very-Berry Smoothie with Spirulina Coconut Cream

Your acai smoothies just got even better! That’s because we’re topping it off with this super tas...
Two chocolate tarts with a bag of Acai

Vegan Berry-Chocolate Tarts

Take just one look at these beautiful vegan berry-chocolate tarts and you’re going to be amazed! ...
Two glasses with Sari Foods vegan berry pots in red, white, and blue.

Independence Day Vegan Berry Pots

Independence day brings sunny days, balmy nights, magical fireworks, and all kinds of wonderful party foods. Our patriotic red, white, and blue berry pots let you celebrate this joyful holiday in style, without any synthetic colors or dyes!
Three color smoothie in a jar with strawberry.

Rainbow Superfood Smoothie

What healthier (and more delicious!) way could there be to celebrate Pride Month than this joyful, superfood smoothie? 
Acai, Blueberry & White Chocolate Loaf Cake

Acai, Blueberry & White Chocolate Loaf Cake

This delicious plant-based acai and white chocolate blueberry loaf cake is special enough for any occasion, and since it contains our superfoods organic acai powder, you can nourish your body while you’re satisfying your sweet tooth! The coconut cream frosting adds the finishing touches.
Two acai bowls with two spoons.

Superfood Acai Breakfast Bowl

With sweet blueberries, rich avocado, and creamy almond butter, this superfood breakfast bowl contains a host of antioxidants, vitamins, healthy omega fats, and essential amino acids to nurture your body, satisfy your sweet tooth, and keep the hunger pangs at bay until lunch. Now you really can have dessert for breakfast!


Acai powder smoothie

Acai Cacao Superfood Smoothie

Acai berries have a rich subtle flavor that adds superfood nutrition and sophistication to any recipe. One of the easiest (and yummiest) ways to enjoy these unique berries is to blend our Sari Foods Organic Acai Powder into a delicious frosty smoothie.