Refreshing Fruit-Infused Water

Glass of fruit water stuffed with kiwis and grapes.

Staying hydrated just got a whole lot more delicious with our refreshing fruit-infused water! Adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water not only makes it more fun to drink—it also delivers essential electrolytes and nutrients.

The flavors of kiwi, cucumber, and grape combine to create a sweet, cooling experience—and the fresh, earthy wheatgrass shines through to provide a savory balance to all that fruity goodness. We think you’re going to love this...bottoms up! 



  1. Wash all fruits, and thickly slice the cucumber and kiwi. 
  2. Place prepared fruit into your favorite drinking glass, sprinkle in wheatgrass, and fill glass to the top with chilled filtered water. You can use coconut water if you'd prefer. 
  3. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes and then drink up!

Tip: We like to first drink the water through a straw and then enjoy the fruit afterward as an instant healthy snack.

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