Pink Power Superfood Juice

Beet powder in a bowl with pineapple and cucumbers.

When you yearn for a pick-me-up to help you stay cool, focused, and energized, there’s no need to reach for a commercial energy drink that’s loaded with caffeine, refined sugar, and artificial additives. All you need is the power of pink! This naturally rosy juice tastes as good as it looks—and it’s loaded with just the right nutrition to nurture your body and soul, no matter what your day brings.

Fresh pineapple gives this juice a fun, tropical vibe that the whole family will love, and it’s packed with vitamin C, folate, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, bromelain, and antioxidants. Organic beet powder contributes the rich pink color—along with a healthy nitrate burst. Hydrating cucumbers contain flavonols, antioxidants, lignans, B vitamins, and electrolytes for deep refreshment, and the ginger adds additional micronutrients—as well as a delicious zing.

It takes only minutes to prepare this simple recipe, and you can easily make it with a juicer or just an everyday blender. So get ready for some powerful pink refreshment—your day is about to get a lot brighter!

beet powder juice


1 pineapple
2 tsp Sari Foods Organic Beet Powder
1 cucumber
1½” knob of ginger


    1. Prepare the pineapple by cutting away the skin, coring, and slicing into large pieces. 
    2. Peel the ginger knob, and cut the cucumber into several pieces. 
    3. Chop all produce to fit into juicer chute, if required. 
    4. Run the pineapple, cucumber, and ginger through a juicer. 
    5. Stir or blend in the beet powder and enjoy!

      Notes: If you don't have a juicer, you can instead blend the mixture in a high-speed blender. Add water as necessary and use a nut milk bag to strain the pulp.

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