Pink Beet Ginger Latte

A mug of beet powder latte.

Move over matcha latte, there’s a new latte in town. It's pink, full of earthy beet goodness, dairy and gluten free, and absolutely delicious. Introducing our pink beet ginger latte!

We’ve fallen in love with the earthy-sweet flavor of beets and how our organic beet powder has a way of enhancing so many different types of tasty recipes. 

Our organic, sustainably sourced beet powder is grown in India, harvested at its nutritional peak, and gently dried to preserve its wholesome goodness. You can rest assured that no chemicals or additives are ever used during our growing or handling process, so you can enjoy this pure whole food in its natural state. Combined with plant based milk and zesty ginger, our pure beet powder brings an extra burst of pretty pink nutrition to each sip from your latte cup.  



  1. Heat almond milk to desired temperature. 
  2. In a cup, whisk together beet powder and ground ginger with a little of the heated milk until you form a thick paste. Add a little more milk and whisk until the powder is completely dissolved. 
  3. Pour the remaining heated milk into the cup, serve, and enjoy!

Peace, love, and healthy drinks from the Sari Foods family!

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