5 Ways To Introduce Spirulina To Your Taste Buds

Spirulina package with water bottle and notebooks.

Everyone knows that spirulina is super good for you. This colorful, healthy algae has inspired a whole host of blue-green whimsical treats that delight food fans everywhere. Unfortunately though, it’s not always love at first bite.

Why It’s Worth Loving Spirulina

Successfully used by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts, declared by the United Nations as the best food of the future, and recommended by the World Health Organization as a nourishing food for children, spirulina gives us a lot to be excited about:

  • It’s a natural source of protein, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, B12, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential amino acids (GLA, Omegas 3, 6, & 9s).
  • Spirulina offers a wide array of nutrients—and because they’re naturally occurring, these nutrients are easily broken down and absorbed, making them more bioavailable.
  • Containing 30% of your recommended daily requirement of natural iron, spirulina is a simple way to give your body the iron it craves.

So, What's the Problem?

For most of us, this nutrient packed microalgae is just not the tastiest of superfoods, which can make the idea of adding spirulina to your daily meal plan a less than thrilling prospect.

But what if we told you there are lots of taste bud-friendly ways to bring spirulina to the table?  Interested? Let’s get started!

In this article you’ll discover:

Whoa, what's that smell?

Spirulina is an ancient species of algae—so ancient that it’s one of the oldest life forms on earth. In its natural form, spirulina can be found growing in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds—and this unique, deep water environment is what gives spirulina its rich, potent smell and taste.

Why does Sari Foods Organic Spirulina taste different than other varieties?

When Sari Foodies try our spirulina for the first time, they’re often surprised that it tastes and smells fresher and cleaner than other varieties on the market. That’s likely because we source our spirulina from a collection of family run organic farms that regularly test for purity before, during, and after the growing process.

Our spirulina is also:

      • Harvested from natural soda lakes in a remote area of Korea, far away from industry and pollution.
      • Cultivated with pure water from 500m underground that’s naturally free of environmental contaminants, and naturally rich in minerals and trace elements (as opposed to surface water or untested seawater). This creates the optimal conditions for pure, nutrient-dense spirulina that’s pure, safe, and nutrient-dense.

No matter how pure it is, however, spirulina still tastes like, well...spirulina! So we’ve decided to share five amazing recipes that you’re going to love—even if you’re thinking that algae isn’t your cup of tea. Get ready to fall in love with spirulina!

    1. Tropical Twist Spirulina Smoothie: Kickstart your day with a tropical vibe when you sip this spirulina and vitamin C smoothie. 
    1. Supergreen Quinoa Risotto: Risotto just got a whole lot healthier with this savory risotto dish that your whole family will just LOVE.
    1. Spirulina Chocolate Superfood Bites: These chocolatey vegan treats are a dairy-free and gluten-free way to indulge your snack cravings. Yum! 
    1. Spirulina Pesto: This zesty condiment works equally well as a delicious homemade dip or drizzled over fresh pasta.
    1. Ocean Blue Spirulina Smoothie Bowl : Channel your inner sea creature with this dazzling blue-green ocean inspired smoothie bowl.

    We'd love to hear about your spirulina experience. What are your favorite ways to enjoy spirulina?

    Peace, love, and tasty algae goodness from the Sari Foods family.

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