10 Healthy Eating Blogs You Need to Know About

10 Healthy Eating Blogs You Need to Know About

At Sari Foods, we’re dedicated to bringing you the essence of food. We believe that when nutrients come from pure food sources, our bodies are able to thrive as nature intended. That state of well-being begins with a nutrient-dense whole food, plant based diet centered around fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes—and one that also reduces (or eliminates) the intake of meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, eggs, and processed and highly refined foods like bleached flour and refined sugar. This wholesome way of eating provides the optimum environment for the introduction of powerful superfoods

If you share our passion for healthy eating and vegetarian and vegan cooking, bookmark these mouthwatering blogs:

1. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is Angela Lidden’s wonderful award winning blog. Angela started out as a social psychology research scientist, but eventually turned to blogging as a creative outlet. After learning about nutrition, animal welfare, and the environmental impacts of factory farming, she made the switch to a plant based diet and uses her blog to share healthy, unprocessed, and animal product free recipes that will keep you feeling enthusiastic about tasty good-for-you food.

This blog offers a host of family friendly dishes that give a vegan diet a good name! We particularly love Angela’s Green Monster Smoothies with spirulina, and one of our favorite versions is featured in her post, The Best Run I Ever Had. Sari Foods organic spirulina contains 65% plant based protein, essential amino acids (GLA, Omega 3, 6, and 9s), 250% RDA vitamin B12, 110% RDA folate, and 30% RDA iron in just one serving, so we're not surprised she had such a wonderful run!

2. One Ingredient Chef

To quote Andrew Olson, the One Ingredient Chef, “Food is power, and we decide with every bite we take whether that power is working for us or against us. One Ingredient Chef was created to put the power of food back on your side.” Andrew is a whole-hearted advocate of the whole food revolution, and shares our belief that plant based nutrition is the path to wellness.

Explore this blog when you’re looking for some really unusual recipes! We love Andrew’s snacks and sides section, and his Flax Crackers with Vegan Parmesan and Italian Herbs recipe is a great way to enjoy our nutritional yeast

3. Naturally Ella

Erin Alderson is a firm believer in two basic principles: "Every purchase holds power in the food system” and “Change starts in your own kitchen." Her path to seasonal vegetarian living was preceded by a lifetime of fast food and processed meat—until a life event triggered change. The result is an engaging blog that reads like a journal documenting Erin’s passion for learning, sharing  knowledge, and empowering others to cook. 

We really appreciate Erin’s easy to follow, friendly approach and her Tex-Mex-inspired recipes! We also love her Almond Kamut Granola, which we enjoy with coconut yogurt and Sari Foods Natural Vitamin C Powder from Acerola Cherries —it's one of our favorites at Sari HQ!

4. Post Punk Kitchen

As a self confessed 'baketivist,' Isa Chandra Moskowitz believes that taste buds are the perfect vehicle for revolutionary change. This blog lives up to its punk name, sharing a passionate anarchistic and social justice ideology. Refreshingly funky, Post Punk Kitchen was originally created to support a cooking show that was shot in Isa's own Brooklyn apartment. But before long it outgrew that limited space , and it now provides an extensive online vegan cooking and baking community.

Follow this blog for exotic, adventurous recipes and vegan life beyond the diet. Isa uses nutritional yeast a lot (which is one of our favorite things about her blog) and we just adore her super yummy Green Lasagna Rolls!

5. Cookie & Kate

We absolutely love Kate, the creator of this wonderful blog. Her wholesome appeal and adorable curly hair make her the perfect pin up for eating right! Kate also has an obvious passion for delicious food, which we totally admire—but one of our favorite things about her blog is the way she features her dog Cookie, her eager four-legged assistant and chief crumb catcher. 

Adorable dog aside, Kates' blog is the place to go for decadent treats, and we regularly enjoy a pitcher of her Frozen Strawberry Margaritas. (We do add a dose of Sari Foods Natural Vitamin C powder from Acerola Cherries to make us feel less sinful though!)

6 .Keepin' It Kind

Keepin' It Kind is quite possibly our favorite healthy eating blog because of the amazing way it manages to achieve the perfect balance between exciting vegan recipes and useful travel and dining info. Husband and wife team Chris and Kristy combine their efforts as they show the world just "how fun, approachable, and delicious veganism can be through sharing delectable vegan recipes, reviewing vegan restaurants, and sharing vegan travel tales." The pictures in this blog are gorgeous, their recipes are easy to follow—and we just want Chris and Kristy to be our best friends! 

Keepin' It Kind is a happy, compassionate, and inspiring place to be, and it features lots of great guest posts. If you haven't explored this blog yet, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed—especially if you whip up a batch of the raw peppermint oreos featured in the vegan cookie swap post. Delicious recipes aren’t all you’ll gain from this blog though—Chris and Kristy approach food in a whole new way. They use Spirulina as a food coloring (genius!), and can be a bit naughty (in a healthy kinda way) but oh-so-nice.

7. Vegan Yack Attack

This unique blog is the lovechild of Jackie Sobon. With a background in product design, Jackie aims to live a sustainable life by focusing on pure organic and unfortified foods—something we're also very passionate about here at Sari Foods!

Jackie’s food is hearty, filling, and not for the faint hearted—ranging from healthy meals to indulgent desserts. Her blog is hip, accessible, and is a great way to entice even the most staunch meat enthusiast to give vegan recipes a go. One of our absolute favorites is her Creamy Quinoa Jalapeño Poppers with Coconut Bacon, which calls for nutritional yeast (our non-fortified version would be a great option!).

8. HealthyHappyLife

We feel healthy just reading Kathy Patalsky's blog! She seems so genuine and approachable— making this blog the perfect place to start if you're new to a plant based diet. We love how open Kathy is about her love for animals (especially her cat!), sunshine, farmers markets, and smoothies, all of which help make her seem as accessible as the girl-next-door.

Kathy’s most popular recipe is her Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers With Avocado, and we can see why—nothing beats a good veggie burger! We especially love this one because it contains nutritional yeast—one of our all-time favorite ingredients!

9. This Rawsome Vegan Life

Emily von Euw, (or Em as she likes to be called) shares her passion for a whole food, vegan lifestyle in this resourceful and informative blog. The word “life” (as opposed to diet) in the blog’s title is a very purposeful choice, and it becomes clear as soon as you read Em’s bio that  this way of living involves a whole lot more than just food.

Based in Vancouver, Canada where she lives with her family, Em creates mouth watering dishes and regularly has us drooling over her pies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, ice cream, bars, brownies balls, and other sweet treats. Honestly, this blog is food heaven! We also love the fact that Em uses spirulina so frequently, and the way she incorporates it in her Marshmallow Cream Cake and other recipes. 

10. The First Mess

Last (but most certainly not least) is The First Mess. Wonderfully written and beautifully photographed, its author Laura obviously has a deep love of food literature, which she conveys eloquently in her blog. The 2014 winner of the Saveur Best Food Blog Award for Editors Choice of Best Special Diets Blog, The First Mess offers a broad range of innovative recipes that make you want to lock yourself in the kitchen all day and cook (and then eat up all that yummy food of course)!

Check out this blog if you're in need of some culinary inspiration. One of our favorite posts is the Cozy + Healthy: Superfoods Lattes recipe with raw cacao and goji berries, which goes perfectly with our Sari Foods Natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries.

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